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Pre-Employment & Random Drug Screenings

Drug testing has become an important safety issue in the workplace for Human Resources and Safety professionals. Many long-standing and established companies perform drug testing. The purpose is to lessen the impact from drug abuse in the workplace, including tardiness, absenteeism, turnover, attitude problems, theft, decreased productivity, crime and violence. The US Department of Labor estimates that drug use in the workplace costs employers $75 to $100 billion dollars annually in lost time, accidents, health care and workers compensation costs.

Sixty-five percent of all accidents on the job are related to drug or alcohol, and substance abusers utilize 16 times as many health care benefits and are six times more likely to file workers compensation claims then non-abusers. (Adapted from

Pathways works with businesses and agencies to provide high-quality and timely drug screening for their employees. Instant and laboratory screening is available.

If you are a business owner or manager and want high-quality and thorough drug screening for your employees, please call our office at (419) 523-4300. We can explain the details of our program and to set-up a screening plan that uniquely addresses your needs.

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