Project Description

Law Enforcement & Behavioral Health Linkage Services

We provide both group and individual counseling sessions to the inmates at the Putnam County Jail. This service uses the Prime for Life Program, Thinking for a Change, and material from The Change Company. All programs are evidenced-based and are grounded in cognitive-behavioral principles. An assessment tool, including a comprehensive physical health assessment, would be used to determine the specific needs of the clients. Following release from incarceration some clients continue their outpatient treatment at Pathways Counseling Center. Treatment planning is structured so that progress can be sustained after the period of incarceration. Outpatient counseling and case management will also be used for those on parole and probation. Assistance with obtaining employment, if appropriate, will be made via a referral to a local employment coordinator.

Topics of groups include Rational Thinking, Prevention, Self-Worth, Denial, Family and Other Relationships, Spirituality, and Accountability. In addition to Substance Addiction and Mental Health, Gambling Addiction and Life Skills is offered to those showing a need during initial assessment.

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