Project Description

Gambling Addition Therapy

Gambling addiction and problems will continue to be a regular part of group and individual treatment. Prevention of problem gambling remains a priority in Putnam County. As part of Pathways’ response to the gambling concerns in our area, a multi-component plan has been created. The plan includes the following:

Gambling Addiction Counselor Training

Provide training for counselors and social workers about gambling addiction and problems. The trainings will be state of the art and approved by the Ohio Counselor and Social Worker board.

Produced Gambling Screening for Current Use and Make it Compatible with Electronic Records

Implement electronic screen tool within existing EHR system.

Public Outreach for Gambling Awareness

Attend health fairs and seminars and provide information about gambling addiction and problems.

Gambling Problem/Addiction Direct Service

Provide therapy to those who have a gambling addiction or problem or to those who have issues that can lead to gambling problems.

Gambling Problem Screenings

Provide screenings to all clients upon their first visit. Licensed clinician will review score with clients. Referrals to treatment or modification to treatment plan will be made as needed.

Promotional and Educational Materials and Supplies Including Planning

Provide posters and/or billboards about the dangers of gambling addiction and gambling problems. Materials will be educational and suitable for older teens and adults. Planning based upon information gathered from screens and public participation at health fairs and seminars.

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