Diversion (Substance Abuse)

The Diversion program is a three hour educational program designed for youth who have violated an alcohol law or policy in the community, at school, or even within the boundaries of their own home. The program consists of group discussions, activities, and information dissemination. Diversion is designed to influence participants to make low-risk alcohol choices and to decrease high risk choices that could harm them or others. This program is offered bi-monthly at Pathways Counseling Center and includes a fee to the participant.

Program Objective:

• Increase knowledge about physical and impairment problems related to alcohol use.

• Increase knowledge of research-based, low risk guidelines for use.

• Increase abstinence and resistance skills.

Target Population:

Youth ages 13 to 20. Parents/guardians are required to attend the program if their child is a minor.

Substance Use Disorders


A comprehensive Biopsychosocial Assessment will be completed to determine mental health and/or substance use treatment needs.

Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling services consist of a series of structured one on one sessions working towards identified recovery oriented treatment goals.

Group Counseling:

Consist of services provided to clients with substance use issues. Groups are open ended and consist of cognitive behavioral evidenced based materials.

Program Objective:

Development of cognitive self-change, relapse prevention, knowledge of addiction, positive coping skills to obtain and maintain long term recovery.