The Behavioral Health assessment is a process of gathering information to learn about a person’s needs and ability to function in order to determine the best treatment for them. The assessment includes questions about the presenting problem, an evaluation of their current mental status, and the creation of a diagnostic impression. The outcome is to determine the need for care and recommend appropriate services and/or treatment.

All assessments are handled through our Open Access program. You may walk in any time listed on the Open Access card on the Home Page. If you need to see a psychiatrist you will need to first come through our Open Access Program.

Program Objective:

• Diagnostic Assessments can be completed during our walk-in open access times.

• Visitors should plan on at least 2 hours for this appointment and should bring their insurance card and list of medications.

• Levels of Care, Wellness Surveys, and Treatment Protocols shall be utilized as a guide for referrals to appropriate service environments.

• Pathways will ensure that counselors with specialized training in assessments are the primary assessors.

•  Contact our office for details of the process if needed.