Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Pathways works with area employers to coordinate and provide behavioral health services to their employees. There is no distinction between EAP services and the regular services provided by Pathways. Assessments, diagnoses, counseling, individual and group sessions, and case management are all part of the EAP program.

Program Objective:

• To schedule ongoing counseling appointments within 7-14 days of initial appointment.

• To utilize treatment that focusses on a person’s strengths, needs, and resources.

• To utilize established protocol for specific needs; i.e. Traumatic experiences

• To provide interventions and strategies in the management of anger, grief/loss issues, ADHD symptoms for both child and parents, sexual abuse issues, trauma, divorce issues, trust, social skills, anxiety, parenting, problem solving, team building, empowerment, etc., and other needs as identified.

Services within the EAP program are provided with Pathways’ high standards of service provision and confidentiality.