Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services provide psychiatric/medical interventions used to reduce and/or eliminate psychiatric symptoms with the goal of improved functioning, including management and reduction of symptoms. Services are available to young adults and adults who exhibit severe symptoms of diagnoses best treated with medication, e.g., ADHD, Depression, Bi-Polar, etc., and outpatient therapy. Priority is given to mental health emergencies and referrals from Inpatient Psychiatric Programs.

Individual Outpatient Counseling is an integral component of Psychiatric Services. Upon enrollment, a person will begin their treatment with a counselor. Specific goals and expectations are discussed and a treatment plan is agreed upon between the person seeking services and the counselor. The majority of people make progress toward their goals while in counseling awaiting their first appointment with the Psychiatrist. A commitment to physical health is encouraged through referrals to their physical health care provider or to a local family physician.

Program Objective:

•To decrease the length of time between referral to Psychiatric Services and date of first appointment.

•To continue to follow the established Psychiatric Services protocol as a means of prioritizing referrals.