Suicide Prevention Coalition

Every year approximately 35,000 Americans take their own lives. Studies indicate that the most promising way to prevent suicide and suicidal behavior is through early recognition and treatment of depression and other psychiatric illnesses. However, suicide is still misunderstood by most people and the taboo of suicide and depression prevents those in need from seeking appropriate help.

Putnam County has a coalition to address this problem. Representatives from numerous agencies formed the framework on which was built a plan for the unique needs of the residents of Putnam County. The plan promotes suicide prevention and depression awareness in all age groups, from the very young to the elderly, and focuses primarily on our county’s most rich resource: children.

Program Objective:

• Promote awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression.

• Train “gatekeepers” with the skills necessary to intervene when someone needs help overcoming suicidal thinking and/or depression

• Empower the community to be involved in getting others help when they need it.

• Support schools in their efforts to promote wellness among the students

For more information contact Pathways Counseling Center, Inc. at (419) 523-4300.

Online resources can be found at